Attracting Your Ideal Client.

One thing you definitely want to make sure of, is that you are attracting the client that is right for you.

The following questions will help you narrow the focus down on the clients you should be attracting to meet your desires:

  1. Who is my ideal client?
  2. Will I be able to meet and accommodate all of their needs?
  3. Do I currently have what I need to start accepting this type of client?
  4. Proper horses?
  5. Facility?
  6. Staff/Volunteers?
  7. Do I have all of the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to begin accepting this type of clients?
  8. How many clients can I handle right now, realistically.

For budgeting purposes, I suggest only getting what you need, and then grow with your program. Spend the money on what’s needed as it comes. You never know what else you may need that money for.

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